Corrosion Monitoring

Flosmart enjoys a strategic alliance with Schlumberger, a well-known industry leader in Oil field services

Flowline Particle Detection services (Both non-intrusive and intrusive)


Particle/Sand Detection and Monitoring Services

Well testing and Production testing operations in the Niger Delta is often characterized by large volume sand production, especially from the shallower unconsolidated sand formations. Sand production usually comes with the undesirable problems of valve blockages, pipes and valves wear, choke wear, valves malfunction etc.

To ensure forehand knowledge of such hazards and thus take possible steps to prevent problems from occurring, Flosmart provides a non-intrusive particle detection system, an Ultrasonic intelligent sensor system, the SAM manufactured by Roxar.

The particle detection system comprises a sensor, an interface box and a processing computer. The system is able to measure and report energy of particles impacting the inner walls of the pipe conduit as fluid flows through it. The unique characteristic of differentiating noise from genuine particles through impact frequency discrimination ensures for accuracy of results.

The Roxar Sand monitor is a clamp-on, sand detection system with a non-intrusive design that provides easy installation, minimal maintenance and flexible interface options.

High sensitivity
All data processed internally
All data stored in flash memory
Local status display (LED)
No need for a computer in daily use
The intrinsically safe unit is clamped onto the outside of production piping in the hazardous zone.

Early detection of sand permits an oil, gas or multiphase production system to be controlled such that the risk of erosion damage to valves, in-line process equipment and flow lines is minimized. By enabling operators to establish maximum sand-free rates or acceptable sand production rates, production can be optimized at much higher levels

Downhole Corrosion Tool
The Flosmart Downhole Corrosion tool from Corr Science Inc. Canada, is an easy to deploy mechanical tool designed to monitor wellbore corrosion activities over time. The tool main features are as follows:

Rouged and Easily Deployed
Ideal for monitoring Corrosion at phase points in the well
Can be deployed with other tools (no separate wireline run required)
Can be run above, below or between tools
No Battery or other power source required
No special handling required in the field
NACE certified report provided at the conclusion of the run.
Small size
Minimum cost
Can be run in tandem with other Downhole Corrosion tool.