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At Flosmart, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient services. That's why we offer a range of services to help our clients extract, process, and transport oil and gas safely and sustainably.
    Our services include: Downhole Well Testing, Surface Well Testing, Well Completions, Gravel Pack Applications, Cased Hole Wireline Logging & Perforations, Corrosion monitoring, Wellhead Engineering and more.

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Our Focus

A leader in technical innovations and support

We are a global company that operates in the oil and gas industry. We pride ourselves on our innovative technologies, which help improve safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

Top Professionals

As one of the leading innovators in Africa, we're the first choice for companies looking to establish or maintain their market share. Our operational excellence and safety records set an industry benchmark that our peers can only dream of.

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Robust Maintainance Culture

Every oil and gas company needs to make sure that their equipment is in top condition to avoid accidents and production losses. At Flosmart, our maintainance specialists has a responsibility to help maintain our equipments at the highest level of integrity.

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Safety First

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is an important aspect of the oil and gas industry. HSE practices are designed to protect the safety and health of employees, contractors, and the community, as well as to minimize the environmental impact of oil and gas operations. At Flosmart safety is our religion.

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Human Resource

Working in remote locations, dealing with hazardous materials and equipment, and managing the unique demands of the industry are part of oil and gas. As a result, effective human resource management is essential to ensuring that employees are safe, productive, and satisfied in their roles.

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Flosmart Services

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We offer expert consultation, evaluation and delivery for oil and gas services.

We provide a range of oil and gas services that are tailored to the needs of different clients. Our employees are experienced and knowledgeable, which allows them to work quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Wireline Logging & Perforation Services

  • High Shot Density (HSD) /Casing Perforations.
  • Cement Bond Logs (CBL).
  • Through Tubing Perforations.
  • Tubing/Casing Punchers.
  • Through Tubing Positive Seal Plugs.
  • Cement Dump With Bailers.
  • Pipe Recovery Services: Free Point Indicator Tool.
  • Backoff, Cutters, Colliding Tools, Split Shots.
  • Pressure Control Equipment.
  • Gamma-Ray/CCL Correlation Logs and much more.

Wireline & Perforation Services

We offer extensive wireline & perforation services.

Well Testing

Well Testing Operations

We offer extensive well testing services, for acquiring Hydrocarbon flowrate.

Tubing Conveyed Perforation

we offer TCP services for a variety of applications, including production, injection, and stimulation of reservoirs.

Gravel Pack

Gravel Packing

Our gravel packing offerings are top of the line, in partnership Slb Intyernations, which aids in Wellbore stabilization and production efficiency.

Completions Services

Well Completions Services.

we offer well completions services in collaboration with SLB Internation, to deliver a wide range of services.

WellHead Engineering

WellHead Engineering

Our highly competent wellhead maintenance engineers are always ready at a moment's notice to mobilize to the job site, performing extensive wellhead maintainance and installation services.

Corrosion Monitoring

Particle Detection Services

We perform both intrusive and non-intrusive particle detection services, with an Ultrasonic intelligent sensor system.

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Some of our insights and analysis. Keeping you informed on the latest technologies and happenings in Flosmart and the oil and gas industry.

Career Insights

Come, let's work together

We provide career management services for the oil and gas industry. We have a passion for helping young aspiring Professionals to reach their potential and achieve their career goals.


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Technical Consultations & Support

Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to our clients. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that we meet the highest safety and environmental standards.

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