Wireline & Logging

Flosmart enjoys a strategic alliance with Schlumberger, a well-known industry leader in Oil field services

FloSmart provides Casedhole Wireline Logging and Perforation Services in the West African market both in offshore and land environment. Typical Services include but not limited to:

Gamma-Ray/CCL Correlation Logs.
Cement Bond Logs.
Noise Logs.
Temperature Logs.
Pulsed Neutron Logging.
High Shot Density (HSD) /Casing Perforations.
Through Tubing Perforations.
Tubing/Casing Punchers.
Through Tubing Positive Seal Plugs.
Cement Dump Bailers.
Casing Plugs and Packers.
Pipe Recovery Services: Free Point Indicator Tool.
Backoff, Cutters, Colliding Tools, Split Shots.
Pressure Control Equipment.
We perform Wireline Logging Services in partnership with other servicing companies but technically with Combine Energy Technical Solutions Ltd.